Embroidery Process FAQ

First things first.

If you’re interested in having custom embroidery you should have a clear image for us to work with. If you have an idea of what image (etc.) you would like embroidered we can help you finalize your design.

Although many people are happy with one of the 500,000 stock images that we have available in house (and may others that we can get), others want their own company or logo on their clothing.


We need to know what size you want your embroidery to be.

Size matters!

Generally the bigger the area embroidered the more stitches and higher the cost.


Where is the image going?

A cap, shirt chest or jacket back? Location, location, location!

If you’re looking for your logo on a cap there’s a limited amount of space for us to work with. Chest logo on your shirt, no problem but you’ll want it to be size appropriate if there’s a pocket on your shirt. And speaking of pockets, if you’re wanting your logo on a jacket chest area you might be limited to which side if there’s a pocket that needs to remain usable.


What is your clothing made of?

Is it 100% cotton, perhaps 50/50 cotton poly or a stretchy fabric like spandex or UnderArmor? We want to make sure that your image stitches well on the fabric and give you that professional look that you are after.


‘How much?’

Our most popular question! All we can really do is estimate, before the image is digitized, because all embroidery costs are based on the number of stitches in the design.


So… ‘how much is digitizing?’

Digitizing is also based on the number of stitches. A good estimate is that cap and chest logo digitizing run about $35 each. Jacket back digitizing runs between $55-125, or more. The more stitches/ complexity of the design the higher the cost. But these are just estimates and the actual cost may vary. We tend to estimate on the high side as a safety factor. Digitizing is a one-time fee, unless you make drastic changes to the image.


Can I get it tomorrow?

At any given time we have a variety of jobs in different stages. If you have a small project that does not require digitizing we can probably complete it fairly quickly. Please keep in mind that priority is given to jobs already in the process. Depending on your project size it may be a few days or a few weeks.


That’s too expensive! 

Embroidery, when done correctly, will not only outlast screen printing, but will also give a more luxurious, professional product. We use only high quality thread and guarantee our work, If we wouldn’t wear it, you won’t either. Custom hats average $25 up, custom jacket backs start at $50.


Let’s do it!

We require a deposit of $100 or half of the estimated product cost, whichever is greater. Should you decide not to complete your project unused funds will be  refunded.