Heat Transfer Printing vs. Embroidery

Custom Embroidery AK If you’ve decided to create custom apparel or accessories for your business or organization, you’ve made a great choice! At Last Frontier Embroidery, we can help you get noticed, build brand recognition and enhance employee morale. You may be wondering about the different types of service we provide, specifically heat transfer printing vs. embroidery.

Here’s our handy guide, which will help you make the right choice:

Choose heat transfer printing if:

  • You want to lower your costs, particularly if you’re creating items in bulk. Embroidered items cost more because charges are typically by-the-stitch, whereas heat transfer printing costs are usually per color plate.
  • You have a design that has a lot of detail or a broad color palette.
  • You want your design to cover most of the garment.
  • You’re using a loosely woven fabric, like cotton or poly blend.

Choose embroidery if:

  • You need your design to be very long-lasting and durable. Embroidery is less likely to fade over time than heat transfer printing, and it won’t crack or flake in the wash.
  • Your design is less detailed and uses a simpler color palette.
  • You want to cover a small area, like a breast pocket.
  • You’re using thicker fabrics, such as workwear.

Now that you’re ready to make an informed decision about which technique to use, it’s time to order some custom accessories or apparel from Last Frontier Embroidery. Use one of our many stock images or design your own—the choice is yours! Get a quote today and see your design come to life.

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