Importance of Thanking Your Customers

Thanking Customers With Embroidered Products We all know the famous axiom: “The customer is always right.” But not only that, customers are the bedrock of any successful brand — they’re the ones who you’re trying to please with whatever product or service you’re selling, and it’s their opinion of your business that will either make or break it. That’s why thanking your customers is so important; it has both short- and long-term benefits for your business, and should be a top priority when building your customer base.

Think about it — if you name your favorite restaurant right now, what is it that you like about it? Why do you keep going back? It’s probably the service. That restaurant makes you feel like you’re always welcome and taken care of like family. Well, the same applies here.

According to experts, 60 percent of businesses have lost a customer because they felt the business was indifferent to them. Another study shows that 86 percent of American shoppers are willing to pay a higher price if they feel like a business cares about them.

These days, showing appreciation to your customers can come in a lot of different forms, be it loyalty programs, social media, or even small competitions. The easiest thing you can do is to simply make the transaction itself as comfortable as possible, and helping the customer in every way you can so they get the service they expect, and deserve.

If you want to go that extra mile and really shine, nothing says “thank you” like custom embroidered products.

At Last Frontier Embroidery, we offer businesses a host of different items to send to customers who have stayed loyal and local to their brand. If you have any questions about sending embroidered products to your customers, please let us know — we’d be happy to help. Contact us today by calling 907-373-7397 or fill out a quote online!

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